Lady Gaga: The Queen Of Pop

On the list of powerful woman, Lady Gaga comes close to the top thanks to her unique fashion sense, multiple successful endeavours, list of hit songs that inspired and empowered young girls everywhere, and of course, the long list of motivational quotes for women she has under her belt. The queen of pop has a passionate and loyal fan base, which she called her “monsters”, who have dug up fun facts on her past and how she became the unique individual she is today, all the way to making sure she knows how much she has done for them. From her chart topping songs and three studio albums that inspired many, all the way to delving into acting by starring in the hit television show American Horror Story, Lady Gaga has gone above and beyond as her time as a performer, artist and role model for young boys and girls who see her success each and every year.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, was born in 1986 in Manhattan, New York, a city that inspired her performances and demeanor years later. Although her parents never had very much money, she grew up in the Upper West Side of the city, constantly surrounded by peers that flaunted their riches and ease of life. Growing up in this environment taught Lady Gaga to always work for what she wanted, which she proved later in life by working towards her dream of being a performer. She attended an all girls’ school that was known for being a strict religious environment throughout her young life, commenting on the experience as being weird and insecure. She was the same overly eccentric and happily provocative woman we all know today back in her younger days as well, so she never felt she fit into the Catholic Upper East Side scene that her school was located.

Her insecurities trailed into her adult years, which is why she founded her identity as a musician off of empowering young girls and boys to be confident in who they were, whoever that person was. She moved to Los Angeles in 2008 after spending years in the Manhattan music scene, performing at clubs in New York City and figuring out who she wanted to be as a performer. When she relocated, she found herself scared of who she was and if Hollywood would react to it in the way she wanted: would record companies believe she was too provocative? Would the mainstream media and market find her too dance, too weird, and too eccentric to be considered a pop artist?

Her fears were deemed a figment of her imagination when her debut album, The Fame, was nominated for a Grammy during the 52nd Grammy Awards, with her two singles “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”, with nominations during the award ceremony as well. Her following albums only built her fan base more, as she grew into a performer that always stayed true to herself no matter how afraid she was of the public’s reaction, a trait unfortunately rare in today’s mainstream media.

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