4 Fun Facts About Taylor Swift You May Not Have Known

Love her or not, there are very few individuals currently involved in the music biz, that have been more influential and inspiring than Taylor Swift. “Swifties”, as her fans are endearingly referred to as, credit her music and lifestyle choices with their own successes in life, with some crediting her and her music with literally saving their lives and helping them to overcome dark and troubling times. To get an idea of just how influential and successful she currently is, all you have to do is take a look at some of the more well-known Taylor Swift quotes online and you’ll get a rough idea of how her mind works and how she is able to use words and lyrics to inspire positivity and greatness in others. If you’re a self-confessed “Swifty” or even if you’re new to her music and would like to learn more about the singer song writer, take a look at these 4 fun Taylor Swift facts.


She wrote a song about her friends – One fun fact about Taylor Swift is that she likes to pay tribute to her pals. How do we know? Well, because her party track entitled “22” actually makes use of cleverly hidden messages. Her friends’ names Selena Gomez, Claire Kislinger, Ashley Avignon, and Dianna Agron are spelt out in the hidden liner notes for this very track. Pretty clever, huh?


Katy Perry – Friend or foe? – There is a track of Taylor’s, entitled ‘Bad Blood’ that many people are speculating is about none other than Katy Perry. Taylor is quoted as saying that a certain pop star would often approach her at various award shows and would make passive aggressive comments that on the surface may come across as complimentary, but in actual fact were intended as insults and snide little digs. Many people in the biz believe the pop star in question to be Katy Perry, though this is not 100% confirmed.


The hunger games – Those familiar with ‘the hunger games’ movies will probably recognise the track ‘safe and sound’ as one of Taylor’s. She wrote the song as if from the perspective of the main protagonist and heroine, Katniss Everdeen. Taylor teamed up with the Civil Wars to create the track, and many believe it really helped to make the movie series the smash hit it currently is.


She wrote another song about her friend – Another good friend of Taylors, Lena Dunham, was also fortunate enough to have a song written about her. The ‘1989’ bonus single, entitled ‘you are in love’ was written about Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff’s relationship. Lena herself has gone on record as not only saying that she loves the track, but that it will one day become her wedding song. So, it’s pretty safe to say that Taylor Swift is indeed a pretty good pal.

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Fun Facts About Taylor Swift You May Not Have Known

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