Common Questions About Music Theory

So you love music. You listen to it, you sing a long to it, maybe you play an instrument, but do you truly understand music? Music doesn’t just happen, no matter what any recording artist or producer says. When creating music, this is where music theory comes in.

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What is Music Theory?

Music theory isn’t about listening to that song you love over and over again. Music theory is the study of music. It’s the analysis of a song’s structure. Its looking underneath everything and figuring out how everything works together.

There is so much that can fall under musical theory that it can be overwhelming at first. A song’s melody and rhythm, it’s tuning. Any harmonies or tonal systems it may have. The scales used in the music. A lot of this might not make much sense to you but its important, and you’ve probably observed all of these without even knowing it!

That’s just some of what makes up musical theory. And although you have no idea what all, or maybe just most, of it means now, it could be very useful information to you.

Why Learn Music Theory?

To musicians in particular knowledge of musical theory and can be the most powerful tool in their arsenal.  You might have written an absolute masterpiece, but if you have a wrong note following on from somewhere it can ruin everything.

Musical theory can help you identify this. You’ll hear that wrong note and you’ll have the knowledge and the ability to correct it. You’ll naturally know what should follow next instead. And it’s this knowledge that helps you create a piece of music that flows smoothly and is enjoyable to listen to.

How to Learn Music Theory?

There is a plethora of books in the world that can teach you about musical theory. But what I recommend is a fairly new invention called the Internet. The Internet is full of useful resources and information for you to tap into. There is everything you need but you’ve got to know where to find it.

Unfortunately there isn’t a holy grail of musical theory where you’ll find every bit of information and every tool you’ll ever need. You’ve got to find the best bits and piece them together to create the perfect toolbox for you. Luckily for you I know where to go.

StumbleUpon is a fantastic website that helps you find new and interesting websites. You simply click the ‘Stumble’ button and you’re away on your adventure across the Internet. Luckily for you StumpleUpon lets you choose from a number of categories so you don’t have to trawl through all the stuff you don’t want to see.

I recommend you sign up to StumbleUpon and choose the following categories: “Music Composition”, “Musician Resources”, “Music Theory” and “Songwriting”. There is even a category named “Guitar”, which may be useful to a number of you. StumbleUpon can help you find everything you need to learn quickly. If you don’t like something you can rapidly move onto the next webpage.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you of the value of music theory. A must for any musician… so what’re you waiting for? Get learning!

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Common Questions About Music Theory


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