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Lady Gaga: The Queen Of Pop

On the list of powerful woman, Lady Gaga comes close to the top thanks to her unique fashion sense, multiple successful endeavours, list of hit songs that inspired and
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Inspirational Drake Quotes to Get You By and Win at Life

Whenever life knocks you down, you can either submerge yourself to further desperation or have the strength to get back up. While various Inspirational Drake Quotes abound these days, people can’t

Bob Marley

Bob Marley, who entered the world in 1945 as Nesta Robert Marley, was a world-famous reggae singer, song writer and musician until his death in 1981. His group, The Wailers, is credited with

4 Fun Facts About Taylor Swift You May Not Have Known

Love her or not, there are very few individuals currently involved in the music biz, that have been more influential and inspiring than Taylor Swift. “Swifties”, as her fans are endearingly referred