Buy a guitar: What do you need as a guitar beginner?

The market for guitars is huge, and if you want to buy a guitar for the first time, you might be overwhelmed. But don’t worry: If you pay attention to a few things, not much can go wrong and you will buy the right thing.

Buying a guitar is fun!

Buying guitars and the right accessories is fun! Even as a beginner, because the guitar is a very grateful instrument:

The guitar sounds very fast good (… e.g. compared to the violin …)

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to put together a good starter package.
Here you can find out what you need to get started with your guitar. So you are sure to find the right guitar and accessories.

Does it make sense to buy finished guitar starter packages?

No, I don’t advise it.

What is not possible at all are extremely cheap packages for 89,95€ for guitar + bag + textbook + amplifier … and still accessories. Here you can be absolutely sure to get instruments of truly underground quality that you won’t have any fun with.

The guitar amp sounds like a can, the guitar can’t be tuned properly, and the cheap, badly padded bag that looked so good in the picture smells like a beast of not really healthy chemicals. Have fun!

And what about guitar sets for 500,- €? Here it already looks better concerning the quality. But you’re still giving away one hell of a chance. Namely the possibility to tailor your (or the recipient’s) guitar and accessories so that it is much more fun to practice and play.

This starts with the shape and color of the guitar, the style of the guitar amplifier and goes all the way to the accessories. This provides plenty of room for individual picks, guitar straps and bags. For online guitar lessons, check this website

It’s much funnier to give your girlfriend a pink belt, if that’s her favorite color. The budding hardrocker a skull belt, and the country fan a cool leather belt with fringes. You don’t get all that in packages.

The additional financial expenditure is relatively low. The more fun in comparison to the guitar sets, in which everything can only be found in the cheap uniform black, is enormous.

And, very important: Thanks to online ordering, Amazon & Co, the additional time needed to put together such a guitar set is really small. Which guitars, amplifiers and accessories are recommendable here – that comes now:

Which guitars are recommended for beginners?

In this compilation I limit myself to beginner equipment. The guitars & amplifiers are of high quality enough to satisfy even the most advanced guitarist.

I distinguish between the purchase of a concert guitar, a western guitar and an electric guitar with accessories. Depending on the type of instrument, different accessories are useful. Here you have the overview. The accessories are arranged according to importance – and you can choose a suitable part from each category and put it in your shopping basket. Then at the end you have a great, individual complete package that leaves nothing to be desired. Have fun choosing.

How I Discovered the Guitar

When I was a teenager, I once went through a rough time and fell into a depressive and stressed out state. It was at that time that I discovered the guitar. One afternoon I was listening to a particularly beautiful and serene sequence of music, meant to relax and calm down. It had no lyrics or purpose other than serenity, which turned out to be a healing balm for me. Ever since, the guitar is my instrument of choice, as I have never forgotten its impact on me in those days.

Here is a wonderful 3-hour long sequence that does pretty much what I experienced in my youth. I love listening to this type of thing when I’m working.

I don’t know who made the music I listened to back then, but I want to say thank you to everyone who patiently plays and records for hours to produce things like this!